Generations have grown up on lemonade. We all love lemonade! But what kind? Try our original Limmo lemonade and rediscover the REAL taste of lemonade!

Perfect refreshing drink with pulp, without additivewith high content of vitamin C and kalcium. It make a perfect combination with coffee too.

Limmo = lemon + sugar (really home made) with vitamin C and kalcium with pulp.

Frozen Limmo pack in 300ml bag.

Usage: For a content of 300ml Limmo, add 1 liter of water and mix in our hand mixer. CHEERS!

How can you buy:

12 Limmo bags of Limmo packed in 1 carton box(smallest Horeca pack). We deliver frozen Limmo  to doorstep of you store!

Sugar-free lemonade

Sugar-free lemonade that contains whole lemon and processed peel. By adding water, 1.5 liters of homemade lemon juice can be made. Sweeteners are chosen as desired: sugar, stevia, sweetener, pieces of fruit, their combinations, etc.

Our lemonade is a natural product and does not contain any added preservatives or other substances. Lemon is processed in the immediate vicinity of lemon plantations, based on individually developed technology.
After quick freezing, the products are produced, transported and stored in cold storage of -18 C!

Lemonade produced in this way contains multiple amounts: vitamin C, calcium, aroma, fiber and fruit pulp – unlike squeezed lemon juice! Its daily consumption
has a beneficial physiological effect in the prevention of diseases (colds, virus infections). It has a beneficial effect on digestion, blood pressure, osteoporosis … It helps with nutrition, affects beauty …

In addition, lemonade is the most popular drink in spring, summer and autumn and is very popular in catering. It can be perfectly combined and flavored with drinks such as smoothie lemonade.
Lemonade can be made in a few minutes with minimal work, it is ice cold and does not need to be cleaned afterwards, there is no waste.

IMPORTANT: lemon peel from the store is not suitable for consumption! Lemons are treated with antifungal agents (which are carcinogenic) before transport to prevent rot.

Lemons are not treated with such means because they are not transported but processed immediately on the spot.
Our lemonade is a product without additives and preservatives.

How can you buy:

Bags with lemonade are packed in cardboard boxes of 12 pieces.